Books : Once Upon a Time in the North

27 07 2013
I have not been to the library in a while, much less read fiction. It was a surprise that I found this little book left lying around the marketing or finance books as I was lazing around. I am not entirely familiar with Pullman’s writing though I have watched the Golden Compass.

In general, it is hard for a movie to do justice to the ideas in a book. However, if my fuzzy memory serves me well, the flavour of the Golden Compass movie, seems consistent with the flavour of this little prequel. It is about Lee, a ballooning aeronaut, who finds himself on an Arctic Island and get’s acquainted, in a matter of hours, with it’s politics and out of nowhere, becomes a player.
I appreciate the themes of skepticism, questioning the status quo and the added layer of “magical realism” when it comes to people and their daemon’s. I like the fact that Pullman keeps the “magical” element subtle and minimal. Overall, the book is easy reading, as I read it exclusively over a few bus trips. It makes me rather curious to start reading the rest of the His Dark Materials series.
I am considering reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo next.

Next time you see “Revolutionary New Cure for Cancer”

28 05 2013


XKCD Does it again. I do wonder if webcomics are the future to public health. Though this post deserves some explanation with examples in the future.

Welcome Doctor Google [satire]

24 10 2012

I was randomly trying to look up information for a report when I discovered this trick. I cannot believe that Google is actually sifting through pages to give you a differential diagnoses. I think at this rate, Google will achieve self-consciousness by the time I graduate. They might also add in an empathy module. As such, maybe I should just quit school and focus on rehearsing my “would you like fries with that?”*


*Or “ni yao fries?”

(NSFW) Sarah Silverman : Buy back your right to vote by getting a gun

22 09 2012

Not the first time Silverman had an awesome/crazy idea to solve society’s problem. Last time, she almost figured out how to “feed the world”, but I guess, I shouldn’t really link to that video.

I didn’t know Zalora sold this stuff

6 09 2012

I discovered this little gem while researching my previous post. Now that I’m seeing a couple of people with this, I wonder what their return policy is like.