Because PRCs are the New Jews right?

15 03 2013

The Real Singapore posted a picture with a commentary about Mainland Chinese eating fetuses.


It looks real, with pictures and a dramatic story to go with it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a reliable source for the information. Worse, I see 83 comments (as of writing) and not one of them critical of the source, almost all of them accusing the Chinese of being idiots, inhumane, barbarians.

It is in fact, from an art exhibit by Zhu Yu. It was apparently republished by a Malaysian newspaper without caption. If you look carefully at the head, it looks like a dolls head.

Melektaus and Emery from, discuss this further and rightfully note that this looks like a variation of the Blood Libel, where Anti-Semites accused the Jews of sacrificing children in their ritual. It was also used to justify European persecution of the Jewish minority. 

It is one thing to be unhappy at government policy, it is another to demonise an entire country. The Real Singapore should know better than to publish patent falsehoods. It is feeding into the already rampant xenophobia. I also worry that the real Singapore isn’t thinking for itself.

Edit. After I finished writing, I notice a handful of comments, out of 150, actually pointing out the nature of the picture. Kudos!




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