My brilliant plan to occupy NUS

18 04 2012

Yes, so the train has been breaking down badly the last couple of days and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change soon. Many of the university students are going to have their exams soon and the Registrar seems to be making it clear that a train delay is not going to be an acceptable reason for missing part of, or an entire exam. So here’s my brilliant idea …

Photo by Sylvgee

NUS, unlike the other university in the middle of the city has the benefit of large, green grassy spaces. I suggest we have an occupyNUS. Not to protest anything, it’s just an overnight social gathering on the NUS fields where the post NS boys can help pitch tents (and silly girls won’t go “Singaporeans so weak. LOL”), we can dapao food from the 24 hour food joints and sit down together with a campfire and revise. Everyone will realise how much Arts students need to study. The medical student’s however, might not show up, we err, don’t have our exams, yet. Kind of, but we can drop by and make sure everyone’s doing alright, and listen to people’s hearts and lungs and joints and err. Damn, I dream alot.




3 responses

19 04 2012

All the universities have agreed to work together with SMRT that in the case of a ‘major’ train disruption, the exams will be started late. Then again, my major is in quotes.

19 04 2012

Yeah, I read the newspapers today, but damn, it would be so cool to have a cross-faculty overnight mugfest

20 04 2012

I don’t know..I think I might freak out more. =S

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