1955 : Hock Lee Bus riots, 2012 : MRT Riots?

15 03 2012

Edit: In case anyone is interpreting this an an incitement to violence, no. I am suggesting that we have a sensitive situation on our hands that we need to be extremely cautious about. I don’t think violence is moral nor is it a solution.

I think this is serious business. No kidding, I mean that when I say it. Some amount of public discourse recently has been dominated by situations where people had hateful speech and were silenced for it, because it caused disharmony. Now I do disgree with the way that was handled although it seems to have settled for now.

Saying that some group of people have “little true joy” or that there are “more dogs here than people”, I think is only mildly inflammatory compared to what has been happening over the past few months. That is what people say, those are opinions (ignoring for now, their truth or falsehood). The disruption of the transport system, on the other hand is something that happens. That hundreds of thousands of people experience firsthand, where money and time are lost. Where our Singaporean Pride is bruised and this has happened a couple of times already.

I have been fortunate to have avoided that inconvenience because my destinations have either been nearby or I was taking a bus. So I’m not thay frustrated about the disruption but I always thought “Damn, this can’t be happening in Singapore”. I’m sure you felt the same. I think if people start to lose faith in the system, especially if it is objective and justified. And that, i believe has even greater potential to sow disharmony and unrest than anything a silly college student can post on Facebook (or their cca noticeboard), consequently, it should be taken a hell lot more seriously.

I think that at this point, people are doing their best to sort it out, logistically but I wonder if there’s more to be done, in a non-technical sense. The time is ripe for a paradigm shift. Not in a top down sense, I actually beloved that the Government is already doing what it can (and its powers are limited). It has to be bottom up. There is a need for greater participation of the average Singaporean (and yes, even foreigner) in various aspects of Singapore society. We need brains over bereaucracy, to ask more questions and engage the people above and below us. Ok damn, class is starting soon (yes at 7am), ill think about it more and post later.




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15 03 2012

Autocorrect messed up my spelling but I think you get the gist.

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