Afraid to write…

24 01 2012

Solid advice from Let's Start a Belgian Revolution (although I think they post a bit of junk too)

I have been very reluctant to write because, among other things, I was afraid people would disagree. My inner thoughts are far from mainstream, it will offend people and someone might even go crying to the Government and get me into trouble. My parents are worried about my reputation, and they never fail emphasise it. I think one of the biggest obstacles to writing is the feeling that  I do not know enough. On the flipside, we can never ever know enough. All knowledge is inherently imperfect. If I am wrong, someone will correct me, it’s part of the deal when you express yourself online. If I’m wrong, and I know it, I’ll change my views. It’s that simple.

It’s ironic that these are the precise qualities a doctor would ideally have because that’s what it takes to deal with the epistemic uncertainty when it comes to the science and also because you have a responsibility to give the best to your patient. Yet old habits die hard. Although I really hope for constructive discussions, I’ll have to be prepared for the flak. Let the flame wars begin.




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