What’s happening this weekend

4 01 2012

This weekend is going to be interesting. Two of my inspirations in magic and in spirituality are going to be in town and are having events in the same weekend.

First off, magic on Saturday. There’s a long story about how I started doing magic and how it’s influenced my thinking. I had the honour of performing for a landmark series featuring local magicians and I blogged about them as the episodes were released on youtube (I,II,III,IV,V). The rest of the write ups are hidden away in the form of drafts somewhere on my hard disk.

JC Sum and Ning who directed the series are back in action to screw with our heads again. This time it’s a mind reading act that involves the entire audience. I believe there might still be slots and you can check out the event page at JC’s Blog. Being a magician, I can attest that the art that they present manages to be both fresh and deep at the same time. If you are in town, you should be there on Saturday.

Secondly, sprituality. It was early in High school and I was just getting interested in spirituality. Rather than just being a passive process of indoctrination, I had the chance to participate in a play, Yatra – A Journey into the Unknown. It was a thought provoking play by Sharanya Rao and little did I know that she would go on to write a movie script. In 2011, she wrote Sarathi : The Charioteer, which she produced with Sushma Parmar at Cutting Chai Productions. It won various awards in the US and made it to the Cannes Short Film Catalogue. She’s in town this weekend with some of her co-producers and will be having a film screening and Q&A on Sunday. Feel free to come down and pick her brains.

If you do see me around, come up and say hi 🙂




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