How can she slap?

28 11 2011

Just recently, India’s Agricultural Minister, Sharad Pawar got slapped by a dude who was pissed off as hell at corruption. For those who don’t know, in Indian Culture, a slap, though not as physically damaging as a punch in the face, is considered defamatory and extremely insulting. I found the video amusing somewhat because of it’s resemblance to a recording of a gameshow on Indian TV. What also amused me was the widespread condemnation of his actions by Indian Politicians. It sounded like he threw a bomb in parliament or something. Usually, when there is a terrorist attack, there is a bit of sympathy shown towards the attacker and people discuss what root causes drove them to become terrorists. Harvinder, however does not seem to be shown that kind of sympathy from the press. I see politicians being distressed at the fact that this shouldn’t be happening in a Democracy, but forgetting to entertain the fact that it might a sign of a dysfunctional democracy.

Serious talk aside, I now present, the “How can she slap?” meme that made rounds on facebook a couple of years back! (Warning : Swear words)



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