Just started a new blog

5 10 2011

I’m coming to the end of my second posting in medical school.


It’s been a humbling experience both inside school and outside and every two months, I feel like I’m stepping out of this shell and becoming a new person. I thought it would be late to start documenting my med school journey but it turns out that, well, there’s always a steep learning curve ahead of you and that the learning goes far far beyond college proper, hence the name of my twitter and that of this blog.


I dealt with a bit of current affairs / self-help/ atheism / spirituality in the previous blog and that’s probably going to continue here. Probably a lot of angry “what the f*** are these people thinking” posts too because I notice a lot of people saying stupid things in the media. To give you an example, I saw the following at the side of my Facebook window.


Cancer Wellness Advertisement on Facebook


I might have originally snorted and dismissed it, it’s different now that I have met real cancer patients. No it’s not just about emotional pain. Plenty of well balanced, healthy people get cancer too. You are over simplifying  serious problem just to sell your bloody services. Which is not that bad, people have been doing that all the time. What bothers me is that someone is going to take you seriously and avoid getting some REAL treatment.


That being said, I should do a write up on Cancer soon.




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